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Wireless Telecom Projects

Southern Linc Wireless

1998–2008: Construction of more than one hundred iDen sites as additions to the existing network in Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia.

Sprint / Nextel Communications

1998–2008 - Construction of more than one hundred iDen sites as additions to the existing network in Alabama.

Crown Castle USA

1999–2008 - New tower construction and tenant installations on towers for Cingular, Southern Linc, Tritel, Nextel, and T-Mobile in Alabama and Mississippi. Construction of more than two hundred sites.

Verizon Wireless

2003–2008 - Construction of various network addition sites in Alabama.

AT&T Wireless

2000-2003 - Construction of co-locates and new tower sites as additions to existing network in the Alabama Market.

Sprint PCS

1996–1998: Initial build-out of wireless network for the Birmingham MTA. Construction of over forty CDMA Tower Sites.

Bechtel Telecommunications:

  • Tritel PCS Initial Build Out: 1999–2000 - Construction of over one hundred sites in Alabama
  • AT&T 3G Project: 2002–2003 - Central & North Alabama
  • Cingular New Builds & GSM Overlay: 2003-2004 - Central & North Alabama
  • Cingular UMTS Project: 2006 - Birmingham, AL

Tower Owners

1998–2008 - Pinnacle, SBA, American Tower, ForeSite, Intellicom, Signal One, and AAT. Construction of over fifty new tower sites in the Southeast.

NorthStar Communications

2003 – Construction of Nextel iDen network addition sites in
the Alabama market.

Alltel Communications

1998–1999: Construction of numerous sites for PCS build-out in Birmingham, Montgomery, and the Gulf Coast.

AW Solutions

2007 – Construction of new tower sites in Mississippi owned by Crown Castle including tenant installation work for Cellular South.

Rohn Industries

2002 – Construction of Charter Communication Fiber Stations in Alabama and Georgia.

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